Why Do We Love Violence?

      I have just watched two movies, Nightcrawler and The Purge 2: Anarchy. Those movies was impressed me that human, is like a wolf to another, homo homini lupus. Nightcrawler told about a man who survived living in California by became a video journalist. Louis Bloom, a character roled by Jake Gillenhaal, formerly a jobless who stole and sold his illegal goods. Until one night, he saw a video journalist that was captured one accident moment. He was tried to became a part of that journalist team. But he was refused. Later on, that refusing guy become Lou’s enemy. As the story goes, Lou was learned by himself. He was recruited a high school graduated boy, Rick. Lou and Rick then seek and record several moments. Crashing cars, shooting murder, burnt home, etc. In their everyday activities, Rick paid unfairly. Lou then do anything to make his recording became exclusive shot by ignoring the journalism ethics. The way he tried to reach his ambition is the point of this movie. Once I learned, TV can make you mad.

Another movie that I’ve just saw, is The Purge 2: Anarchy. This is the sequel of a movie told a story about future of America. In early 2020’s, there are one day in a year called the purge. Every citizen allowed to do criminal act along those 12 hours. In the first movie, we served the story about how someone who saved a black skinned man, has to got a pressure from group of people who tried to kill that man. In this second movie, the story gone in the street. There were troops tried to kidnap somebody in the house, a mom and daughter. Then they saved by someone who wanted to get his revenge. In another place, there were a couple who trapped in the street because their car is broken, sabotaged by a masked group of people. Right after the purge started, those couple became a wanted one. They hid in the car owned by a man who saved a mom and her daughter. The rest of the film, told about how they survive the purge from two group that case them.

Those movies remind me that USA is a scary country. I mean, people there can easily have a gun. Shooting gun crime seems quite happen not seldomly. The movie that shows how easy it is to own a gun in US, is Bowling For Columbine. That documentary movie made by Michael Moore, also shows why americans feel secure by having a gun. Then I remember the quote said that naturally, when somebody faces a bad situation, somebody else will hope a worse thing to happen. Is that true? I’m not sure. But then my mind get back to yesterday, in the editorial meeting. There was a story about tires’ nipple raid. My manager said that don’t show the picture of the raid, but show the video of people mad because their tires become deflated. Why he said that? Because viewers love that. The rating will gained. Then why our society loves bad news? I don’t know exactly why. But we can point at our unconscious mind. Sigmund Freud said that human behavior defined by something like an iceberg. The tiny part that can been seen on the surface, is a conscious mind. The bigger part that lies under water, is an unconscious mind, and this mysterious part contribute bigger to our behavior. So, why do we love violence? we don’t know, we do it unconsciously. []

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