Integrity Lesson

Ah finally, I’ve watched End of Watch. It’s the movie told about two cops spend their days recording the missions. The movie started with the dubbing sound told that this car chasing scene is like a daily activity, their great mission to stand for the law enforcement. It was a glimpse reminded me to a song All Cops Are Gods sang by Bars of Death, a hiphop squad from Bandung. The song ironically tell the bitter thruth about cops betrayal. How some cops are cruel, evilous and act as they are the law it self. Oops, they are gods, not only law. That what the song tells us. But then I’ve found that the cops in this movie, is not like that. The cops in End of Watch, are heroes.

Let me introduce you to Brian Talyor, a member of Los Angeles Police Department. He has a hobby, record everything he had on his activity as police. Revealed a murder, chased a drug syndicate, or saved a baby from burnt house, he passed it clearly and record it as well. The footage from this guy, is what we saw along film. But not only a picture from his camera, video from his colleague is shown too. Michael Zavala, is his mate. Those police, has to fight with a lawbreaker with their revenge. But then one thing I impress from their action is, integrity. Although it was out of my expectation, I was satisfied enough.

Dua poster baru di belakang pintu. Masih ada poster film gravity tapi bingung mau ditempel di mana. Poster fury itu di belakangnya interstellar. Bingung mau pilih mana. Akhirnya pilih fury karena karakter brad pitt di film itu menginspirasi. Hehe #poster

It was in the end of 2014. There was a new movie titled Fury. Came along with Interstellar, I have found Fury is an important war movie to watch. I saw that one in Makassar, when I was on a reporting duty. This movie was nice. It was told about a tank squad whom tried to survive among the war against Nazi. The team leader shown a strong character. It was Brad Pitt. He insist his team member to be brave to fight against the more modern tank. He was trained his new team member that hasn’t been at war before, how to survive. And once again, I was impressed by integrity they shown on the movie.

So what’s another same thing from those two? It was the director, David Ayer. One of my favourite movie reviewer told that there are one important movie that we have to watch if we like Fury. It was End of Watch. But although End of Watch is not as good as Fury, spent time on those two movie is remained a unique impression. Strong characteristics. That’s another red line that I saw on those David Ayer’s work. Well, maybe I lost one or two another things that make us learn from those movies. So, why don’t you help to find another one? Go watch it!

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