Time As Nonrenewable Resource

Tulisan ini dibuat sebagai kompensasi dari keterlambatan peserta seleksi pertukaran pemuda antar negara provinsi Jawa Barat di sebuah mata acara seleksi. Saya mengumpulkannya ke panitia tanpa membaca ulang tulisan yang saya buat. Ternyata banyak kesalahan di dalamnya. Di bawah ini saya tuliskan edisi revisi yang mungkin tetap masih ada kesalahan di dalamnya. Hehe. Maklum lah ya, kebenaran itu hanya milik Tuhan, kesalahan hanya milik setan. Go ahead!


Written by: Rheza Ardiansyah

When we were kids, we were teached that there are two kinds of natural resources: resources that can be renewed and resources that cannot be renewed. The example of renewable resources are trees, air, water, etc. The example of nonrenewable resources are gold, coal, oils, etc. We only know that the resource is exist in a physical form. In fact, there is one more example of unrenewable that we have. The resource is called TIME.

The definition of resource is things that potential to increase human’s quality of life. Time has it. If we use our time effectively, we will increase of our life quality. Time is a vital resource that we have, because it cannot be reversed. People who can manage time effectvely will get a huge advantages. Japan for example. It become famous and be a good nation because they have a good management style in using time.

Time is one kind of resource. If we have so many resources, we will become rich. For example, if we have a mine, surely we will be rich. So do if we have a water company. The probability to become generous will be greater. Yet we have a simple question. Will we become “rich” if we have so many times?

Egypt is known as the oldest nation in the world. The civilization has exist even thousand times ago. According to that fact, we can conclude that Egypt has so many times, so it must be the best country in the world. The truth is so many younger nation is more prosper than Egypt. Why it happens?

About 1960’s, Nigeria has the same condition as South Korea. But now, South Korea is better than Nigeria. The secret lies in the way they use their time. The secret is also become an answer for the question about Egypt above. The point is not in how many times that we have, but how effective we manage our time.

One way to manage time is make an activity plan. But it will become useless if we don’t apply it in a real life and always late. We have to be dicipline. We have to committ to the plans that we made because it shows how good the quality of ur time management. If we pretend that being late is a normal situation, we will face the abnormal usage of time that will affect the quality of our goal.

From now on, we have to be serious in managing time, because the result of our goals is depend on the proccess, and the proccess is about how we use our time effectively that can be applied in dicipline, like not to apply our plan lately. Yes, being late is wasting our nonrenewable resource.

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